Fast Cars and Poker Faces: CoinPoker ICO

Statistics can be dull, but here are a few “fun” (read, depressing) ones:

  • Worldwide, approximately 6.8% of the adult population plays poker regularly, with over half of these people in the USA
  • 2.6% of the adult population play poker online for money, with just over half of those doing it at least once a month, i.e. on at least a semi-regular basis
  • Three-quarters of those online poker players are male, and almost 60% are under 35

Determining how many make “a living” from poker is difficult (because you just can’t), as “a living” is relative. For example, the equivalent of $20,000 would put you below the poverty line throughout much of Western Europe and the US, but be a small fortune elsewhere. A quick scoot around poker forums would indicate that five-figure side-hustle sums are common enough (particularly if you’re buying data from bots who sit at your table and tell you hat cards the other players have). That is, unless everyone’s playing a manly game of ‘mine’s bigger than yours’.

Despite the fact that it isn’t 2001 any more, online poker is still popular. And for those without a gambling streak, still lucrative enough. That’s why the CoinPoker ICO could be one of the most exciting things to happen to online gambling and casinos during 2018.  Well, at least as exciting as a server full of spotty teenagers staying up until 3am mindlessly clicking “Bid” whilst simultaneously wanking to manga.

What’s the timeline?

The pre-ICO happened in mid-November 2017 and sold out in six days, with the ICO proper starting on 19th January. The currency itself – CHP – will be listed on exchanges in February 2018, and also launch on the CoinPoker site itself, with the opening tournament starting towards the end of the month and into March.

CoinPoker is built on blockchain technology anyway, so the users tend to be more clued up on all things cryptocurrency, and especially Ethereum, the steady working nag to Bitcoin’s racehorse, which is currently the site’s cryptocurrency of choice.

Will it be any good?

Yes. No. Yes. And why? Because Antanas Guoga, a.k.a. Tony G, the former Lithuanian Rubik’s Cube Champion, recipient of a 2011 World Lithuanian Award, generous philanthropist, and all-round poker legend, has acted as an advisor on it. (What could go wrong?)

You could argue that losing a million Euros backing Remain in 2016’s Brexit referendum might be enough of a mis-step to still be wary, but to be fair, that caught most of us on the wrong foot – even a fair few of the Leave campaigners.

He’s not the only poker or cryptocurrency expert happy to have advised on the CoinPoker ICO, however, so it’s probably a reasonable assumption to make that there’s considerable confidence behind it.

In fact, Sonic Zhang, a cryptocurrency investor professional, can see it as being the road ahead for the entirety of the cryptocurrency gaming industry, which is still very much in its infancy.

Should you be wary?

Yes!  Not naming any names here, but the following is genuine text from a currently live White Paper.

You know who is the real winner in every gambling site is. It’s the owner. There is a famous saying “It’s Gambling so, House always wins”. But not anymore, you are going to be a winner just like the “House” It is possible and proven. You don`t have to worry anymore. There is always loser who make mistakes, who are unfortunate and stupid. But you are not one of them.

You are here because you are going to make a good decision.

You are going to be a winner in that swarm of losers.

Every day you will thank [name of provider] while smiling and thinking why you didn`t find [name of provider] earlier.

We know you are ready to take this to the next level.

Don’t wait and late to take this life time opportunity.

If anyone is under any illusions that ICOs will remain in their current guise in the future then… I despair.

What next?

Depending on when you’re reading this will determine whether you’ve missed out on this ICO or not, as it’s closing no later than Friday 26th January, and that’s assuming that there are any tokens left. However, the tournaments and promotions planned post-21st January have been described as ‘juicy’, and could be the only way you’ll even get a sniff of owning a Tesla S, offered as the grand prize in one of them. Now that’s something to drop your poker face for.

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