Welcome. I am an English-law qualified Funds, Financial Regulation and Fintech lawyer and part time human being. This is my blog.

In a professional capacity I advise regulated and unregulated firms on perimeter issues; fund operators and managers on the establishment and restructuring of retail investment funds; and anybody who wants to set up shop in the Fintech (or Techfin) space.  In my personal capacity people often ask me about PPI and PI claims because they don’t have a clue what I actually do for a living.

I intend mainly to blog about law, technology, financial services and the economy, some politics and whatever else is on my mind.

One of my passion projects is economic education for all. I believe that knowledge sharing with audiences at the very bottom of the earnings table is the best way to facilitate better economic outcomes than the constant financial hardship that they suffer as  part of their daily reality.

I also like rude jokes.

If you want to speak to me about any of the topics discussed, feel free to take the initiative below.  Or catch me on Twitter (@TheRealGMalna). Or don’t. Whatever.

Oh FYI, nothing on this site is intended to be legal or investment advice.  You haven’t paid me enough for that.  Equally, the views contained herein are mine and mine alone; they do not represent the views of any person or business with whom I am affiliated.

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