Whether you are a business, an aspiring novelist, or just need to produce something in writing it is important to get it right. That's why you should consider hiring a proofreader. 

Using the latest technology I am taking proofreading firmly in the 21st century to guarantee that you are satisfied with the final result. This enables me to work with both print and digital media to deliver timely, cost-effective work on any type of project. 

With over six years' experience I have worked with some of the biggest names in international publishing, screenwriting, and fiction. And the work I have done has been as varied as my clients. So whether your project has to be seen by millions of people, or just your academic supervisor, you know that you are in safe hands.


ProofReading Services


I have worked on textbooks, academic monographs, journals, and straight XML documents. My specialist subjects are in law, social sciences, and the histories – but I'm not limited. With experience of working at one of the largest publishing houses in the world I am sensitive to your commercial needs and will deliver timely projects that are on budget with no exception.

My rates start at:
£1.50 per page for copy-editing;
£1.20 per page for proofreading; and £0.80 per page for revise proof checking.



The technological tools at my disposal allow me to work on almost any type of document. So whether you're producing menus or manuals, posters or pamphlets I can work with your project in a format that is convenient for you.

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I have edited essays for students around the world. I have made sure that Ivy-league and Oxbridge applications are perfect. And I have worked with novelists and screenwriters to proofread their work and provide fact-checking and creative services. I can work to a set budget for your project, or prove services that are billed per hour.

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